Sunday, January 30, 2011

Past food I've taken photos of :)

This is my Caprese Panini on a (cheese roll btw).

This is my Gluten Free bread from when I thought I had Celiac but turns out total villious atrophy is also caused from Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis. Which, coincidently has NOTHING to do with gluten! I wasted so much time on Gluten-Free food :( Anyways onward!
Oh this is my wonderfully buttery, thick, delish butternut squash soup type spectacular.
I loved how colorful these veggies were before they were put into my chili!
This is my first time getting the skin off tomatoes and I was so excited I photographed it!
This is my shrimp quiche. Amazing I must say but just plain awful when you freeze and re-heat it! And horrible on heartburn!
These were made to surprise my husband coming home from training and I didn't know yet that he hated coconut. They're strawberry cupcakes with coconut and boysnberry syrup and lemon frosting with sprinkles. Yes, I almost got diabetes baking them.
Homemade chicken soup :)
Pasta salad :)
Grilled cheese with bacon and apple :)


Beth Dunn said...

You are such the cook! I need to to take a page from your book

Sheena. G said...

Thank you :)
I'm kind of that weirdo that starts cooking at 2am because she's bored. :)