Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Soldier Is Home :)

So he was only gone a little less than a month, which is a piece of cake. Heck,we were only together for 2 days after we got married until he had to go back to Germany, when I was waiting in CT. Still, it's awesome to have him home. I haven't cooked since he left since I feel like I'm wasting my amazing Cascade 2 in 1 packets if I only cook and dirty up dishes for myself. I missed cooking for him. Since he's 23, he still has the appetite of a 12 year old boy so he'll eat anything and a lot of it. Best person to cook for :)

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noƫlla said...

Hi Shena,

haha I recognize this!
My man is a 23-year old soldier too :) (who also has a HUGE appetite!)

Looking forward to read more posts!