Friday, May 21, 2010

Today is the day

I am going to start running. Now this may be a horrible idea for 3 reasons: 1. I have ahem... bubbies of the larger size (34dd/ddd) 2. severe asthma 3. my shoes suck, frankly, they suck. But I am a stubborn little determined girl (I get it from my mom's italian side) and The Soldier said I wouldn't do it. Which naturally makes me wanna go and run right now obviously. My house is clean, my dishes are in the dishwasher, my laundry is being washed and is drying and I have nothing better to do. Oh and it's about 60-65 degrees out and the sun is out for the first time in over a week. Ah, Germany. Oh and I forgot to mention we're 1700 ft above sea level, which I have a feeling might go against me as well. Bring. It. On. On another note.... how cute are these?! From Target!


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