Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 4 Blogging Challenge

A Favorite Television Program

When I was little my absolute favorite show in THE WORLD used to be Eureeka's Castle. Actually, it's still funny. Not every second don't get me wrong but when the bat (Batley) flys into a wall... it's funny.

Now that I'm no long 4 years old my favorite show would have to be either Modern Family, The Middle, The Office and Glee! I LOVE Glee! But, I'm going to highlight my OTHER favorite show. I only watch tv online since AFN (Armed Forces Network) is so sporadic in their programming.

19 Kids and Counting

Okay now say what you will about this family but I absolutely adore them. Have you ever seen little kids who behave so well? Granted they have a tv camera in front of them but little kids are going to be bad if they want to. Michelle seriously needs to teach a parenting class. Love, love, LOVE them!


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