Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hellooooo summer :)

So I'm thinkin the menu for tonight's supper is ganna be sweet tea and fried chicken. (Half of my family is from Georgia, I was born into it ;)) I make a mean batch of fried chicken if I do say so myself. Ooh this is my turkey from the other night =)

I sent this photo to her and she said it looked like Kermit and Stewie from Family Guy haha.

So hubbs is on leave for 2 weeks! I actually get to see him everyday for 24/7 haha. And it's about 80 degrees which feels like like 90 and sunny :) It's been wonderful.

Piper has gained 7 or 8 lbs since we got her on the 12th! And now she's teething which is obnoxious to say the least.


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