Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I Always Have...

I found this from the adorable JGIWC's blog. Since I am convinced I was Jewish in a past life she speaks to me.

Things I always have... my freezer: frozen pizza, ice pops, captain morgan. my fridge: corona (hubbs doesn't like it), leftovers and bottled water.

...on my desk: (I'm switching this to our kitchen island) our laptops, tissues, his ACUs left there randomly

...on my coffee table: xbox controllers, more tissues, blue solo cups and bottles of red pepper left there from pizza

...on my nightstand: kate spade style book, aloe gel, cell, camera, (doggie) shitbags haha

...on my vanity table: hemp lotion, ralph lauren wild, aviators, dirty sandy rope bracelets

...on my bathroom hooks: pink and blue towels (how typical colors)

...on my dresser: a fan, stars and stripes newspaper

...on my bed: dog hair and 5 pillows :)


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