Monday, June 28, 2010

Songs I Currently Have On Repeat

Hubbs has a deployment coming up. Soon. Too soon. Obviously I knew marrying him was going to entail this. I just happen to be an avoider. I love to avoid. Unless I'm really backed into a corner I'll give it hell, and if not, I will avoid it. But I cannot avoid this.

Since he is just as hot-blooded as I am I have no doubt he wouldn't kick ass and take names. So when I see him off I will kiss him, straighten his collar and tell him to Give em' hell. (Side note: when I say Give em' hell, my hell sounds like heel. I'm a born and bred Connecticut girl but my family is from Jawjah as my Poppy would say it. Occasionally (often) I'll have a southern accent, and my husband likes to make fun of me for it. Always.

So back to my post! I've always loved songs pertaining to soldiers and families and since most of them are country, I like em' even more. These are songs I already have on my ipod just waiting for me to crumble a teeny bit and listen to them.

1. Never Say Goodbye by Michael Wayne
This is my favorite song ever. Try not to cry while listening to it. I dare you.

Never Say Goodbye

Michael WaYne | MySpace Video

2. Come Home Soon by SHeDAISY

3. Come Home by Findlay Brown

I realize there's only 3 songs, it was depressing me.


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